“A man who thrives off the circumstances that act as the foundation for his boundless motivation, Jay Caniel has never found a situation too adverse.  Blessed with a witty, infectious personality, Jay has always made it his mission to place a smile on the face of his loved ones while constantly placing himself in the position to lead and influence.  Whether Jay is the go to  player on a basketball team, an orator, a head coach, a business executive, or just an older brother,  it is imperative for him to establish an impression of excellence.  Jay, through all of this, finds ways to touch the lives of people from all spectrums of life in a way that is truly admired by those who look up to him.”— Andre Lafontant ” Jay  is best described and embodied in one word, “Lion.”  As a close observer of his progression and evolution as a human-being, Jay is truly an indomitable force.  He believes that he has the capacity to accomplish anything and he is so resourceful that he is capable of truly accomplishing anything that he seeks out to do.  It is in this self-actualization that Jay is equipped to lead in virtually any arena.  It is with his contagious mentality that Jay leads everyone around him to be everything that they imagine to be and more.”

–Coach Gilbert A. N. Abraham, M.P.A. 2010 CIAA Champions, Fayetteville State University Women’s Basketball “Jay is a very confident and intellectual man. He has an ability to bring out the potential and greatness in anyone’s life. He would make a great leader and bring a champion’s mentality in order to achieve high goals.”–Seth Hawkins-Great motivator. Constantly requires the best out of his players. Teaches life through basketball.”–Sidney Evans” Coach Jay cannot be summed up in words alone. After playing for him my jump shot wasn’t the only thing he helped me improve. While I thought he was teaching me how to run an offense, he was teaching me how to orchestrate my daily life. My understanding for the importance of life outside of basketball grew as well. The importance Jay had on not only my life but my teammates’ as well was so extraordinary the kids that had been put on academic probation went on to graduate with above 3.0 GPA’s. The emphasis on grades became another challenge brought upon us; just as if our goal for the night was to win a basketball, our goal was to be the top students in the classroom. The next thing he taught us off the court was to give back. Coach Jay pointed out that basketball was a privilege given to us as well as a blessing that we were healthy young adults; so on the weekends we would make it a quintessential objective of ours after practice to go as a team and volunteer around the city to represent our high school and the basketball team. This taught us to give back and learn more about people outside of our comfort zone and make us more cultured.  But my favorite thing about Jay has to be that even though I am no longer playing for him, he is still my coach and always will be, just like Socrates was to Plato, Jay was to me. I know that I have picked up on a lot of his philosophies and life goals. Now I am proud to call him not only my coach, but my business partner, teacher, and one of my best-friends.  Jay has the capabilities of John Wooden, not only in the talent for coaching but he resembles John Wooden in that he gives his players more than what they ask for.”–Matthew H. Kenney-“I can’t begin to explain the impact that Coach Jay  has had on my life. He has turned me into a better basketball player than I could have ever imagined. He showed me the meaning of hard work and where it could take you as long as you truly believed in yourself. Even though Jay has made me into a better basketball player, he has made me into a better person all around. He taught me how to apply the virtues that make me a good basketball player to life itself. I can honestly say that I don’t know who I would be or where I would be in my life if it wasn’t for what he has taught me. It has been three years since he has been my coach and he has still been there for me like none other. I no longer see him as just a coach, but family. Whether it is basketball related or just a speed bump in my life I can always count on him to be there. Hands down the greatest coach and person I have ever met.”  –Ricky Estrada “I am fortunate enough to have a close relationship with Jay as a basketball coach and as a friend and mentor. There are many things that I admire about Coach  Jay. I will touch on a few of those things. The thing that I admire most about Coach is his charismatic personality. He has a way of charming and inspiring all those around him. He also has a way of helping others realize what they are good at, their strengths, even when those people may not know that about themselves. Coach has taught me a lot about basketball and in the process he has also helped prepare me to pursue my aspirations for life afterwards.”–Mounda Williams“CoachJay is by far the best coach I have ever played for, and one of the best human beings I have ever interacted with or seen in the media. He does a great job of separating on and off court scenarios while being able to relate them in a good manner when needed. He is genuinely out to directly improve the people around him and indirectly support the people you can’t see. A humorous, intelligent, and self motivated man is who I think of when I think of Jay. One more day to get better”.–Paul Lane- “Leadership is influencing others to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.  This statement sums up what  Jay does to everyone he meets; not just the players but others as well. I’ve seen him do some remarkable things with players’ attitudes and approaches to life. His attitude about life is so infectious to our players and our staff, I would almost have to write a small novel to get everything on paper. We have had players that had never had over a 2.0 GPA until they started getting mentored by Coach Maynard. Now they maintain 3.0 GPA’s. The players on our team know that they can talk to Coach Jay about anything they need. The players that come by our office never really talk about basketball. It’s always about life and what they need to do to grow as young men. As a father I pray that my son can also have a college coach to love him just as I do.Working with Jay Caniel is the same.  He has taken me under his wing from the first day I joined the staff. He always challenges me to be the best I can be in the coaching field and as a young father and man. Since meeting Jay I’ve started reading more books to increase my knowledge on everything. -Coach Moses “Jay Caniel is one of the best people, coaches, mentors I have met. He brings more than just the game of basketball to his players. You can go to him for anything and any situation. He teaches us how to think on a different level and go after our dreams no matter what. He is there for you no matter what the circumstances are. Definitely one of the best coaches/people I know.”–Jamel Carpenter-

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