Times Like These…

Times like these…

We reflect and reconvene.

Assess in disbelief.

Life hardly what it seems.

Fighting for good air just to breathe.

A space where we can dream.

A light for us to see.

Maybe hope to just believe.

Times like these…

We discover who we are.

Forced to scan our hearts.

Find our purpose and why started.

Times like these…

We grow selfless to play our part.

The individual can only go so far.

But together we can conquer all…



Letting my mind play away.

I set my sails for the vast seas not a bay..

Possibilities endless like the infinite love a mom displays.

Told the universe my dreams everyday.

Some laughed and some hated…

Nevertheless jumped off the cliff and flew away.

I guess that’s the price for freedom that I paid.

The days…

The Rain…

The rain reminds me of the pain.

Gazing out a window not a dollar to my name

Hoping opportunity came.

In search of significance.

In search of a way.

No more mumbling my name.

No more suppressing the thoughts in my head.

I saw a way out and it’s strange.

A whimper of a voice but I gave it a chance.

Blocked out the world and heard it again.

This whole journey started from pain.

A few rain drops, hope and a window made a way…