The days…

These Days…

Persistence of Water.

The beauty of nature.

The persistence of water.

The importance of the trees.

The power of the birds and the bees.

Keeping our eyes open so they don’t rock us to sleep…

Never Thought…

I took off but never thought.

About landing at all.

About the consequences of going too far.

About what I meant to the cause.

The boldness of my smile.

The vision in my mind.

The fuck you of my stride…


I realized…

The doers do while the others scroll.

Sitting back with an abundance of Theories but won’t go…

Hiding becomes comfortable ‘cause they fear being exposed.

They fear failure.

The unknown…

While doers take the chances building the roads.

Building the planes.

Maybe building the capacity to tap into the impossibilities of life.

What would the world be like if we lived through the critics eyes?

Waiting till they got it all together to reveal it to light.

What if the Wright brothers listened to the pessimist outside?

What if Bob Marley and Nelson Mandela kept their love for the world inside?

What if all eagles waited to fly?

I realized…

The doers put their ideas into actions in the darkest of nights.

Vulnerable to the universe and all of mankind

The Lion doesn’t have to roar because it bites.

The doers been “it” since the first opening of their eyes.



Through A Pen…

My ambitions bled through a pen.

The voices of doubt quieted by success.

As the thirst for growth floats on infinitely to no end…


This time we’ll let the world feel our heart beat…

Screaming “ONE RACE” till the universe accepts this idea.