I’ve Learned…

I’ve learned to let go…

Somethings are unexplainable and the point of life is to grow.

Not to capture it all, now that’s the ego…

We want to prove them wrong.

Show them that we’re strong….

“Them” never existed all along.

Walking around singing other’s songs.

Chasing symbols of success.

We know how to filter it best.

Meanwhile waking up with an empty feeling in our chest.

Not postable?….

I guess…

Back To Jun E!

SavonIt starts with a decision! I woke up this morning and decided to get back on track. Lately I have been taking a good look around at the people that I spend my time with, and where I am in correlation with my dreams. I take time to reflect on past triumphs, challenges, and the progress on the road less traveled. Time to go back to where it all started, where the inspiration was birthed, and the root of what makes you continue on the journey.  It’s an interesting process to feel part of your body and past die, while new life comes into being. I feel like its time to clean out the old closet and get rid of some none progressive people in my life. After all your environment has a direct correlation to the end result. Can’t fall into the trap of complacency like many people do… Time to go! See you at the Top! Jun E!