Times Like These…

Times like these…

We reflect and reconvene.

Assess in disbelief.

Life hardly what it seems.

Fighting for good air just to breathe.

A space where we can dream.

A light for us to see.

Maybe hope to just believe.

Times like these…

We discover who we are.

Forced to scan our hearts.

Find our purpose and why started.

Times like these…

We grow selfless to play our part.

The individual can only go so far.

But together we can conquer all…

These Days…

As a child…

I dreamed it all as a child.

Despised running and hiding.

Didn’t like bridges so I started flying.

No crowds only clouds to confide in.

Owning my time I put pride in.

While my last name providing.

Opportunities, life and the lights keep shining.

In this universe where we reside…

Human Race

Inspired by a homeless man smile.

I saw his soul through his eyes.

I felt his heart like it was mine.

The human race so divine.