Our differences provide us.

Prospective that takes us higher

We don’t have to be moved by fear.

Or scarcity that our demise is near.

Insecurity and jealousy causes rage.

But only love can eradicate this hate.

We are examples from the countries we’re from

Sent here to declare that we’re One…


The back and forth of life.

From a broken inside.

The pieces we left to find.

While others cover it up and smile.

They got filters now to hide.

But the real rather stay outside.

Alone talking myself to life.

Rather be weird, corky, deep and whole.

Rather have dreams that inspire other’s soul.

Freedom was always the goal…


Like a perfect team.

I think our goals should be.

Empowering each other to be free.

Mirroring our bliss.

Celebrating each other’s wins.

Demonstrated so perfectly by this colony.

It’s my dream to see.

You thriving infinitely…



Letting my mind play away.

I set my sails for the vast seas not a bay..

Possibilities endless like the infinite love a mom displays.

Told the universe my dreams everyday.

Some laughed and some hated…

Nevertheless jumped off the cliff and flew away.

I guess that’s the price for freedom that I paid.

The days…


Im filled with so much gratitude at this time. This smile is for the great people in life. The unselfish ones who lend their hands to mankind. I’m so inspired by your kindness and love. Giving humanity the hope that we need. Maybe the hopeless needs a pinch of self esteem. I’m thankful for the great guys at my gym that chipped in and kept a whole family from sinking. Phenomenal things happen when we live with great intentions. Our lives inspire lives. We become the eyes for the blind. As humans we have the infinite capacity to thrive. I’m thanking all great humans for their light.💡

As a child…

I dreamed it all as a child.

Despised running and hiding.

Didn’t like bridges so I started flying.

No crowds only clouds to confide in.

Owning my time I put pride in.

While my last name providing.

Opportunities, life and the lights keep shining.

In this universe where we reside…