Letting my mind play away.

I set my sails for the vast seas not a bay..

Possibilities endless like the infinite love a mom displays.

Told the universe my dreams everyday.

Some laughed and some hated…

Nevertheless jumped off the cliff and flew away.

I guess that’s the price for freedom that I paid.

The days…

The Berlin Wall

I think we take for granted what it means to be free.

Some lost their lives swimming and climbing.

Praying and hiding.

In the dark hoping for a little light in.

I’m grateful for all the attempts.

For all the symbols of free.

The ones who stood up to give us an example of humanity…

The Originals

I’m the weirdo traveling the globe.

Sent here to free your soul.

To ignite a fire.

Maybe to make you think

Or give hope to your desires…

Persistence of Water.

The beauty of nature.

The persistence of water.

The importance of the trees.

The power of the birds and the bees.

Keeping our eyes open so they don’t rock us to sleep…

Never Thought…

I took off but never thought.

About landing at all.

About the consequences of going too far.

About what I meant to the cause.

The boldness of my smile.

The vision in my mind.

The fuck you of my stride…


Sometimes we search outside our reach.

Some call it faith.

Some call it belief.

Sometimes we dream.

And have the audacity to follow it.


Jun E Caniel


This time we’ll let the world feel our heart beat…

Screaming “ONE RACE” till the universe accepts this idea.

The Last Eight Years

A lot has changed in eight years since the last time I visited my blog page. It’s interesting how much we can grow in life, if we give ourselves permission to fly. Seven years ago I aspired to be free. I wanted to write a few books and hopefully change humanity. At that time I started my second business, Jun E Caniel. Its mission was to challenge all to unleash the lion within themselves by realising their greatness and power. I figured it was my purpose in life to ignite and inspire others. Today I am a self-published author of 5 books, own several businesses and am actively doing my part in living out my dreams. In the days and years to come I will be sharing my personal journey, which will encompass the last seven years as well as the future. I hope to be a ladder for you to climb, maybe wings for you to fly.