Like a perfect team.

I think our goals should be.

Empowering each other to be free.

Mirroring our bliss.

Celebrating each other’s wins.

Demonstrated so perfectly by this colony.

It’s my dream to see.

You thriving infinitely…

The days…


This time we’ll let the world feel our heart beat…

Screaming “ONE RACE” till the universe accepts this idea.

A Boy I know…

Jay Caniel Before I die… I would like every person to experience the feeling of achieving their deepest desires. Never give up on something you play in your mind each day. I remember a little boy with one pair of pants, no shoes, knotted hair, and dreamy eyes. I remember a boy that created his own brand of bubble bath from Ivory soap. A boy that sung songs running up a dark alley to prevent gun shots..  You see they didn’t shoot kids back then, so his voice was the trigger. A boy who was told his mom died and left to find her in the middle of a hurricane.. I remember..  He just wanted to give the world his heart.. Liberate some minds and then go on home..

Atlanta 8/05/13

dreamerQuick stop in Atlanta today before we proceed to Mexico in the morning. It was truly  a great day. I was able to see my best friend Varian and my big brother  Levi “Star Time”. I must say life is an interesting journey, filled with plenty ups, downs, smiles, laughs, sighs, and cries. These days I am forever thankful of having the time to reflect, and process my own thoughts.  Anyway It was great seeing my brother and just seeing what he has accomplished. I remember he started his business out of a small little side building and now to have a store Downtown Atlanta is just an awesome feat. He currently owns two computer stores and I must say they look fabulous. I’m so happy I was able to hang out with him.  In my family these occasions are very rare. I’m probably the only family member who have seen his stores and willing to help him i__m_feeling_goodcontinue making his dreams an reality. I am proud if you can’t tell by now. It’s always good to see success on any level by anyone. I know our big brother Lesroy is very proud at this moment. Well The next stop in the trip is San Antonio, then off to Mexico for three weeks. I am excited about what this trip will do for my life. I feel like I’m at the great in-between. Greatness is always right on the horizon depends on your outlook. See you at the top!

Living Jun E!

Nothing like a conversation with death to jump start living…. No time to waste… Lots to do! Excited for a second chance at life! See you at the top! Jun E!

a Jun E Bike Ride

Jun E Road This is a ride you never been on before..

Or maybe you have… This ride…

This ride encompasses many miles.

Through the eyes of a little boy to the soul of an old soul.

Let me tell you about this ride.

The road is very narrow and weary.

One mistake can be fatal.

You ever see the pain through someone’s eyes?

Another waves and smiles.

There is death on this ride.

There is life on this ride. Builders building, singers singing.

Drivers not looking…

People walking with no direction or purpose.

Eating and holding hands while they cross the street.

But no one knows my name. It’s cool…

You still on this ride?

The piano strokes play according to every bump.

Enough air to keep this Jun E lion alive…

Flashbacks of carrying crack around in that alley.

I wonder if it has the same stones.

As he sits on the wooden log, staring at me as if it’s my fault.

I stare back with love.

This little part of the journey is to restore the reason we are here in the first place.

One day…

One day I will end this…

And although I want the prize, I will settle for a better place…

It’s hard on this strip ’cause looking in their eyes is like

looking in mine…

Be You!

People hold back so much in life… I wonder why? They don’t want to step on toesJun E! of others, or they say, “I’m in the middle.” So you risk not being who you say you are…. Just code for you’re not really about shit… It’s amazing the lengths people go through to pretend they are something greater… Or to pretend they’re for justice, peace, love, etc… You can’t fake this life! You can’t fake the life of living on purpose and building something greater beyond your wildest imagination.. You can’t fake love for humanity, freedom, equality for all, etc.. That square cannot fit in those circles.. Be who you are.. ‘Cause those of us who know ourselves already know who you are!

A Jun E Commitment

 Jun E Dreams I must admit I’ve been at war with myself for the last couple months. Within the last five years I’ve had a mind shift that caused a war between the person I’m supposed to be and the person who society told me it was cool to be. I’m here to tell you my real self won that battle! It took a while to reprogram my mind from the world. The place you reside today is directly correlated with the environment of your mind five years ago. I’ve always known what I wanted to do but the vehicle and the road I took was different. It was altered by the people I was around, the books I read, and lessons learned as I was growing up. Five years ago I cut out TV, and the people that I gave access to my life. I must tell you this was not easy at first, however it was necessary to achieve and embark on living my wildest www.jcaniel.comdreams. My only goal was to spend my life improving humanity. I wanted to spend every waking minute doing what I deem important work.  I’m there! I recently quit my job and jumped head first into my dreams… Now in no way shape or form am I suggesting others do the same, nor should you do so without a clear purpose and plan. It’s a process and for me it was time. I felt like I was dying each moment I did work for a pay check.

If you feel like you have this undeniable urge to do Jun E powerfusomething great, we encourage you to! It requires acting! It requires faith in yourself and an environment that will help you grow. It requires commitment! Until you are committed, there is a hesitancy, a chance to draw back. But the moment you definitely commit yourself, then the creator moves also, and a whole steam of events erupt. All manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings, persons, and material assistance which you could never have dreamed would come your way begin to flow toward you—the moment you make a commitment to greatness! See you at the top!