6 years ago I was kidnapped on this day.

I wanted more so I had to make a change.

I wanted wealth so I had to find a way.

I knew if I didn’t my linage would die that day.

Like most I was drowning in my world.

In search of a bigger purpose to serve.

But poverty didn’t provide the tools.

And they educate us just enough to be fools.

Naive about societies nooses.

That day I opened my eyes and decided just to do it.

Couldn’t run their race I’m not a rat.

They Couldn’t put me to sleep I didn’t know how to act.

No rules or confines to define me.

So now they stare puzzled in time.

At the anomaly of my life.

I killed them with this smile…

The days…



Good Life…

The good life… Like drawing the perfect life then waking up and realizing it’s being lived… The good life…Like being filled with love and unafraid to share it with the world… Like having goosebumps each day because you’re filled withJay Caniel excitement for the next moment. The good life… Like constantly thinking and creating new gratitude lists. Like 5:33 am and I’m smiling at this screen as the black ink hits… The good life… Like every moment lived to the fullest, like I’m constantly at recess… Yes! Like walking around in 10 inches of snow with my hands in the air like I won a Superbowl! See, you think I’m crazy. Have you ever had 10 Ak 47’s pointed in your face on a cold night?… Yea thought so! Good Good life.. Enjoy… Jun E!