I think the hating is just a part.

Of a successful journey and walk.

I think love sets us apart.

The courage to dream lies deep in our hearts.

Each step more aware of who we are.

So now we unafraid.

Building legacies in our names.

Inspiring all humans to do the same.

Free and unchained…


The back and forth of life.

From a broken inside.

The pieces we left to find.

While others cover it up and smile.

They got filters now to hide.

But the real rather stay outside.

Alone talking myself to life.

Rather be weird, corky, deep and whole.

Rather have dreams that inspire other’s soul.

Freedom was always the goal…

I have these thoughts…

These dreams.

That won’t go away or hide…

Why do we ignore the questions we have inside?

Why do we play to the crowd?

Shy away from our crowns?

Why do we question the genius we possess?

Often settling for less.

Are you good if today you met your death?


If you don’t ask you’ll never know.

If you don’t water it.

It will never grow.

Our dreams like the ocean

Capacity unknown.

Standing there with a teaspoon.

Wondering why you won’t overflow.

Receiving is not the problem as far as life goes.

It’s the questions we ask ourselves that determines the destiny of our souls…


I found a way through a pen.

Spelling freedom from the letters in my head.

Projecting pictures that transcend.

Life hasn’t been the same since.

No money needed just the ability to express.

Close my eyes, kiss the ground as respect.

Thankful for a gift that it lends…




A trail for the seekers of light.

A home for the introverted and shy.

A voice for the voiceless.

A dream for the dreamers.

I’m Just a guy who allowed his light to shine.

To ignite yours inside…

A Glimpse…

Something about their eyes.

Just a glimpse speak volume to my mind.

The hardness of these roads.

The darkness of the untold.

I once walked them in search of growth.

Wondering if their stories will ever be told.

Hurts to think great people can go unknown.

So I dedicate my life to being hope.

For the blind, broken and unspoken.

Mirroring another way to go…


Like a perfect team.

I think our goals should be.

Empowering each other to be free.

Mirroring our bliss.

Celebrating each other’s wins.

Demonstrated so perfectly by this colony.

It’s my dream to see.

You thriving infinitely…