What is Jun E Caniel?                           Jun E Caniel is a line of limited edition apparel and accessories some of which are made from eco-friendly and organic fabric.  High quality products feature designs inspired by the original artwork of Tiya and Jay Caniel.  The designs are digitally printed primarily on Alternative Apparel products, a process that has very low impact on the environment.  Jun E Caniel was created to encourage artistic expression and social activism, under the belief that global change can be brought about by altering others’ thoughts through key words and phrases.  Uplifting and positive phrases and graphics are featured as a means of inspiration to others.Our Mission:To challenge all to unleash the LION within themselves by realizing their own greatness and power, becoming social activists, as well as freely expressing themselves.  Jun E Caniel encourages intellectual and artistic freedom as well as social responsibility.Who is Jun E Caniel?
The name “Jun E Caniel” is a combination of Tiya’s and Jay’s names, with Jun E being a play on Jay’s childhood nickname (Junie) and Caniel being Tiya’s middle name.   Jun E Caniel is a powerful person/lion, who moves forward in positivity toward all things great.  Jun E Caniel lives in all of us, and is waiting to be unleashed! Jun E Caniel is represented by the lion’s head, which embodies balance, power, dominion, ferocity, dignity, authority, justice, wisdom, and courage.  The term “Jun E” is synonymous with being ferocious, relentless, confident, ambitious, great, excellent, and happy. 

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